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Orange County Disability Violation Attorney

Understanding Violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act

In the United States, those who have a disability are to be given the same opportunities, treatment and chances as a person who does not have them. As outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers are to treat employees with disabilities fairly and to recognize the skills that they have to offer. Boiled down to its bare essentials, it is there to ensure that no discrimination is made.

This, however, does not always occur and far too many employers violate the act. If you are an employee with a disability and have experienced discrimination, it is vastly important that steps are taken immediately to help protect your rights. This can include a refusal to hire based on your disability alone, a wrongful termination, a failure to interact or a hostile work environment. It can also include issues regarding deaf employees who are in need of a skilled interpreter and those who are required to work from home due to physical impairment.

Orange County Lawyer for Disability Violation

At Cohn and Swartzon, we have vast experience in handling cases involving disability violations and are prepared to go the distance in our efforts to protect the legal rights of our clients. We are intimately knowledgeable with the laws and know what can be done to ensure that you are being treated fairly. Therefore, do not hesitate to secure the legal representation of an Orange County personal injury attorney from our firm at once. Whether we are seeking to ensure that your employer gives proper accommodations to help you or to seek compensation for a clear violation of the act, you can trust that we will do everything possible to help you.

Contact an Orange County disability violation lawyer from our firm today to schedule your initial case evaluation.