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Our Firm's Personal Injury Case Results

Mesothelioma / Asbestos Cases:

$36,688,496.00 – Court Judgment. After working with materials containing asbestos that the defendants knew caused terminal cancer but did nothing to correct, this gentleman was diagnosed with mesothelioma. After a long, agonizing and painful battle, he ultimately passed away from the cancer caused by his exposure to asbestos. This jury verdict included an award for punitive damages based upon the defendants' conduct.

$2,800,000.00 – Court Settlement. The details of this case are confidential pursuant to the settlement agreement.

$2,535,000.00 – Court Settlement. The details of this case are confidential pursuant to the settlement agreement.

$1,600,000.00 – Court Settlement. The details of this case are confidential pursuant to the settlement agreement.

Car Accident Cases:

$550,000.00 – Out of Court Settlement. An elderly couple was hit by drunk driver that was ultimately sent to state prison. Both of our clients suffered very serious injuries and were hospitalized for weeks. We successfully negotiated a settlement for the policy limits as well as a substantial reduction in our client's medical bills allowing the clients to recover the significant settlement they so deserved.

$525,000.00 – Court Settlement. Our client was violently rear-ended on the 91 freeway by a commercial truck that resulted in a total loss of her SUV. Unfortunately, our client underwent a cervical fusion just a year prior to the collision and was forced to undergo a second fusion as a direct result of the impact in this collision. After filing a lawsuit, we successfully resolved the matter after working closely with our medical expert witness.

$400,000.00 – Court Judgment. Client was hit by an inattentive driver of a water truck, which caused her vehicle to overturn and in turn, lost partial use of her finger. Liability was disputed from the beginning but Cohn & Swartzon prevailed.

$295,000.00 – Out of Court Settlement. Our client was entering an intersection when another party, travelling approximately 50 miles per hour, ran a red light. Both cars were destroyed and declared total losses. Our client suffered numerous herniated disks which required surgery to help alleviate his pain.

$200,000.00 – Out of Court Settlement. An elderly couple was riding in the back seat of their friend's car when they were struck by an uninsured motorist, which sent the vehicle careening into the center divider. Both individuals suffered multiple fractures and contusions but miraculously made a near full recovery.

$175,000.00 – Out of Court Settlement. Client was rear ended on the freeway, with such an impact it caused his vehicle to spin and careen in to the center divider. Client suffered various, extremely painful injuries.

$172,188.00 – Arbitration Award. Client and her grandmother were driving in the carpool lane at a high rate of speed when a vehicle being operated by a drunk driver suddenly pulled in front of them. The vehicle was destroyed and our client suffered injuries that required immediate medical treatment.

$172,000.00 – Out of Court Settlement. Our client was a 72-year-old Laguna Hills man and business owner. As he came to a stop at a red light at Pacific Coast Highway and Crown Valley in the right turn lane, he was violently rear-ended by a drunk driver who was driving a vehicle rented by her employer. The accident caused our client to suffer from severe head, neck, back and shoulder injuries which required extensive medical treatment. Cohn & Swartzon, P.C. filed a lawsuit against the drunk driver and her employer and secured a settlement for $172,000.00.

$165,000.00 – Out of Court Settlement.

$150,000.00 – Out of Court Settlement. Client was broadsided by a motorcycle who ran a red light. Her vehicle suffered major crush damage and the vehicle was flipped onto its roof due to the weight of the motorcycle and the severity of the impact. Client suffered a concussion and other injuries as well as loss of earnings for several months of being off of work.

$150,000.00 – Policy Limit Settlement. Our client was struck by two different vehicles. She suffered a large herniated disk that required surgical intervention. With the help of our orthopedic experts, we convinced the two insurance companies that our client's injuries were much more severe than what they argued which eventually led to a policy limit settlement.

$140,000.00 – Court Settlement. Client was rear-ended by an employee who was running an errand for her employer. Our client's pickup truck was totaled and our client ultimately underwent surgery for his injuries. He has since made a full recovery and returned to playing sports.

$101,500.00 – Court Settlement. Client was transporting her two children when a teenager, transporting his sister in violation of the Brady-Jared Safety Act of 1997, ran a red light. Their vehicle overturned, which pinned all occupants inside, hanging upside down and injured. Liability was disputed from the beginning but Cohn & Swartzon ultimately prevailed.

$100,000.00 – Out of Court Settlement. Client was hit and lost control of his car, causing him to careen down an embankment. Client suffered various injuries.

$100,000.00 – Out of Court Settlement. Client was rear ended where the other party hit the trailer hitch of our client's SUV. The impact was so great that it bent the hitch and broke the seats inside the vehicle. Client suffered numerous injuries but causation was heavily disputed by the insurance carrier.

$100,000.00 – Court Settlement. Client was broadsided and transported to the hospital. She was unable to work for a period of time while she recovered from her painful injuries.

Dog Bite Cases:

$800,000.00 – Court Settlement. Our client, a young girl, was viciously mauled by a family friend's American Staffordshire Terrier as her mother and brother watched in horror. Our client suffered severe lacerations and post-traumatic stress. The at-fault party's insurance company originally argued our client provoked the attack but later realized such an argument lacked any merit. The case settled on the eve of trial.

$300,000.00 – Out of Court Settlement. Our client, a young woman, was viciously mauled by a family friend's Great Dane while at a party. Our client suffered severe facial lacerations and post-traumatic stress. The case settled for the policy limits as the dog's owner did not have any appreciable assets.

Confidential Court Settlement. Client was visiting a friend's house when a Rottweiler attacked him, ripping part of the bicep of his arm. Client suffered severe scarring, partial loss of use of his arm, and severe emotional distress.

Wrongful Death Cases:

Confidential Out of Court Settlement. Mother of two was tragically killed when a teenage girl, who was transporting her younger sister in violation of the Brady-Jared Safety Act of 1997, ran a red light. Liability as to who ran the red light was disputed and heavily contested but Cohn & Swartzon ultimately forced the other party to obtain a loan and contribute to their insurance company's settlement.

Confidential Out of Court Settlement. Defendants swerved at the last minute to enter a freeway interchange, and cut off our client, causing him to lose control. Thanks to a Good Samaritan who wrote down the license plate, we were able to prosecute the claim against the driver of caused this terribly tragic, fatal crash.

Confidential Out of Court Settlement. A well liked, young man with a bright future was tragically killed in a motorcycle collision when another individual made an illegal left hand turn in his path of travel. As with our other death and severe injury cases, no amount of money could compensate the family for this terrible loss. This case struck the heart of our law firm.

Confidential Out of Court Settlement. An elderly woman was horrifically struck and killed by a driver while walking in a cross walk. Numerous grandchildren lost the "backbone" of their family that day but thankfully Cohn & Swartzon was able to fund at least part of the college education with the settlement funds.

Pedestrian / Bicycle Accident Cases:

$2,000,000.00 Court Settlement. Our client was riding his bicycle when a truck's mirror hit him and caused him to fall over the handlebars and down a ravine. Our client suffered loss of consciousness and brain injuries as well as numerous, painful fractures. The case was heavily litigated in court but we eventually reached a settlement for the full policy limits very close to trial.

$850,000.00 – Court Settlement. A family of three was hit by an elderly driver while lawfully standing on the sidewalk. Our clients suffered significant injuries and post-traumatic stress. The defendant's attorneys vehemently argued there was no liability due to a sudden medical condition and a battle ensued. Eventually, after significant discovery the asserted defense proved to lack merit. The case settled fairly close to trial.

$100,000.00 – Out of Court Settlement. Client was walking to her car in a grocery store parking lot when a speeding driver hit her, propelled her into the air and land onto the hard, unforgiving asphalt. Client suffered various debilitating injuries but thankfully made a full recovery.

Confidential Out of Court Settlement. The defendant failed to see our client walking across the street and collided with him. Our client suffered catastrophic injuries and was rendered permanently disabled due to the inattentiveness of the driver.

Truck / Motorcycle Accident Cases:

$875,000.00 – Out of Court Settlement. Our client, a motorcyclist, was violently broadsided by an elderly driver. Our client suffered numerous injuries which included multiple fractures of his right hand, wrist and scapula. The at-fault party's insurance company originally argued comparative fault and offered a relatively minor settlement, stating they did not believe future surgery was necessary. Obviously, the defense's claims held little merit.

$750,000.00 – Out of Court Settlement. The driver of a large semi-truck and trailer fell asleep at the wheel, while his co-driver was asleep in the truck's berth. The semi-truck then veered to the left and hit a concrete freeway overpass which disintegrated the tractor and caused severe injuries to both individuals.

$100,000.00 – Court Settlement. Truck driver suffered a sneezing and coughing attack while driving and collided with our client causing injuries which required medical care and lengthy treatment.

Victims of Crime / Civil Rights Violation Cases:

$6,925,270.00 – Court Judgment. This was a truly heinous, despicable case. An elderly couple hired a carpet cleaning company to clean the carpets in their home. Several employees returned to the home in the middle of the night through an open window where they severely beat and robbed the elderly couple, nearly killing the wife and stealing over 1 million dollars in irreplaceable family artifacts and heirlooms. Fortunately, the defendants were apprehended, criminally convicted, and ultimately sent to prison.

$114,623.85 – Court Settlement. Client was a sexual abuse victim of a family friend.

Confidential Court Settlement. Client was unforgivably molested by a step parent.

Confidential Court Settlement. Various law enforcement personnel tazered and severely beat a man who previously suffered from a traumatic brain injury, without first determining he suffered from the severe mental disability. This infuriating, despicable case was heavily litigated but ultimately resolved without the need for a trial.

Miscellaneous Cases:

$748,000.00 – Court Judgment. Case involved financial abuse & defamatory statements.

$187,500.00 – Arbitration Settlement. Our elderly client suffered a broken hip and a head injury when inattentive and apathetic medical staff allowed her to walk to the bathroom alone where her body slammed on the concrete floor.

$146,000.00 – Court Settlement. Client was positioning herself on an amusement ride when the seat unexpectedly collapsed. Client injured her knee which required corrective surgery and a significant amount of rehabilitation including physical therapy. The case settled during heavily disputed court litigation.

The outcome of any case depends on the facts specific to that particular case. Nothing contained in any portion of this web site should be taken as a representation of how your particular matter could or would be concluded, or even that a case with similar facts will have a similar result. The result of any case discussed stated above was dependent on the facts of that case, and the results will differ if based on different facts.